Why choose K-foto?


Diverse Portfolio

At K-foto, we make it a point to practice all forms of photography - everything from portrait to macro to landscape.  We understand that lessons you learn from one type of photography can be applied to others.

For example, when we practice macro photography it helps us use razor thin depths of field accurately.  Or when we practice landscape photography it helps us think about framing and the big picture.  These skills can be applied to family portraits and wedding photography.

Our love for photography only helps with this desire to learn more about the art and the science behind it and bring you the best photos possible.

Solar Eclipse 2017 with text.jpg

Team of Photographers

In everything from planning to photo editing, the team at K-foto works together to improve the quality of our art.  Having two talented artists has proven time and time again to be a significant benefit to our photographs.  The extra artistic vision and brainpower has provided us with many photos that simply wouldn’t exist without our teamwork.

Mobile Setup

It’s one thing to be able to take beautiful images in a studio setting.  It’s another to be able to do the same in a dark building or in the middle of the woods.  We have assembled our equipment with mobility in mind.  Everything required to make your dream pictures a reality can be quickly and easily set up and moved as necessary.  This allows us to spend more time focusing on capturing the perfect moment and less time setting up equipment.

Attention to Detail

We sweat the small stuff so you won’t have to.  Years of practice and critiquing our photos has resulted in a workflow that aims for perfection every step of the way.  We will make sure the lighting is right, the background works with the subject, that your hair and accessories are positioned properly, and that no unwanted animals, pedestrians, or vehicles are interfering with the shot.

Additionally, we scrutinize every photo in post production to ensure your vision becomes a reality.